DCP e-Delivery from a single source

CineBridge is the new e-Delivery solution from PHAROS - The Post Group, which, together with the proven Fusion Network Portal, provides a comprehensive solution for all digital cinema distribution.

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No expenses

The costs for CineBridge server and internet line are covered by PHAROS

Fast, flexible and convenient

Energy-efficient and high-quality server ensures reliability and saves electricity costs

and reliable

Time and cost savings through elimination of hard disk handling and return shipment

CineBridge Server

Efficiency meets capacity - our server solution is the smart choice for your cinema. With a storage capacity of 12 TB, optionally expandable to 16 TB. Energy-efficient components help to keep consumption as low as possible.

Additionally, the 1U rack server can be installed in a rack due to its extra short installation depth, allowing for space-saving installation. CineBridge can be fully integrated into your TMS or cinema server system, enabling seamless and automated transfer of film content and KDMs between distributors and cinemas.

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PHAROS CineBridge is now available free of charge for interested cinemas. Register now for your participation.

Cinema setup

Pharos provides you with an Internet line and the CineBridge hardware for your cinema. The receiving server is connected to our e-Delivery network via a secure connection. Once we receive the order from the distributor, the DCP delivery is managed via the Fusion Network portal and the transfer to your server is started.

You will be notified of upcoming transfers and can track status and download trailers and KDMs via the Fusion Network Portal.

CineBridge e-Delivery
powered by MovieTransit

As an established partner, PHAROS offers reliable and flexible services for all aspects of distribution to cinemas in the DACH regions. With CineBridge, a sustainable electronic distribution solution is now provided for the German market.

We rely on the proven and riliable MovieTransit technology of our partner Unique X, which forms the backbone of the content delivery network of our e-Delivery solution.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the CineBridge e-Delivery solution available to?

The CineBridge e-Delivery solution is available to all cinemas in Germany free of charge.

What do I need to do to participate in the CineBridge e-Delivery Network?

To join the CineBridge e-Delivery network, you can register here.

How does the connection to the CineBridge system work?

After your registration, we will contact you and check the availability of an Inernet connection at your location. If all criteria are met, we will plan the installation of an Internet line and install the hardware, either through your usual technical service provider or in cooperation with one of our partner companies. Alternatively, since the hardware is already pre-configured according to your network specifications, you can also carry out the simple installation yourself.

Who can I contact if I have questions about CineBridge?

You can contact us at the following email address: cinebridge-support@pharos.de

Sustainability in cinema distribution

The move to electronic content delivery is not only an ecological step into the future, but also an economically sensible one for all involved. By reducing the need for hard disk copies and transport, resources are saved.

Another contribution to sustainability: In addition to the use of green electricity, a tree is planted for each DCP transmission.